Mikko Kuorinki


750 Delaware, Detroit, MI, 48202
JULY 22-AUGUST 5 2012

Curated by Bergman/Salinas

Mikko Kuorinki was born in 1977, in a small city in northern Finland and currently lives in Helsinki.

Mikko Kuorinki likes to treat words like objects and sometimes objects like words. For his exhibition at INCA he will continue to work with shrines, making a new one for the space.

“Shrine (Detroit)” is the fourth realization of an on-going project. Years ago in Berlin, Kuorinki noticed a small simple looking shrine placed near the ceiling of a Nepalese restaurant. Much later, he felt the need to build a “shrine” into an exhibition and into a studio he was temporarily working in. Most of the objects, texts and images placed on the shelves carry a personal significance for him – they might carry some kind of energy. Before Detroit, he has build shrines in Malmo (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden) and in Den Haag (Holland).


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