Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz


INCA: Institute for Neo-Connotative Action
750 Delaware St, Detroit, MI, 48202
Visiting Scholar Lecture Series
Curated by Bergman & Salinas
INCA is pleased to announce the talk titled “Hélio Oiticica: Brasília, Tropicália, Marginália” by scholar Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz.


Born 1937 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica spent some years abroad in political exile during the military dictatorship. After  staying for one year in London in 1969, he lived in New York City from 1971 to 1978, before his premature death in Brazil in 1980. Today,  Oiticica can be easily regarded as one of the most influential Brazilian artists of the 20th century on an international scale. In this talk we  will follow the artistic development of Oiticica from the Brazilian post-war avant-gardes of the late 1950s to the New York underground of  the early 1970s, drawing our particular interest to the artistic strategies stemming out of the Tropicália Movement, mixing object art,  installation, photography, film and audio elements, against the backdrop of Oiticica’s personal living conditions in political exile and the  historical context that has been described as the shift from Modernity to Post-Modernity.


About Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz:

Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz is a cultural theorist, writer, independent researcher, translator and curator specializing in aesthetic theory,  Latin American Studies, colonial economy and Brazilian 20th century art. Recent projects include the book “Hélio Oiticica and Neville
D’Almeida: Block-Experiments in Cosmococa – program in progress”, co-written with Sabeth Buchmann (Afterall Books/MIT Press 2013); “The Potosí Principle / Principio Potosí”, a publication and exhibition project that took place at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia  Madrid, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, and Muso Nacional de Arte and MUSEF in La Paz, curated and edited with Alice Creischer  and Andreas Siekmann (Walther Koenig Books, 2010); as well as the exhibition catalogue “Hélio Oiticica. Das große Labyrinth / The Great  Labyrinth”, co-edited with Susanne Gaensheimer, Peter Gorschlüter and Cesar Oiticica Filho (Hatje Cantz / MMK Frankfurt 2013), and the
upcoming essay collection “Art and the Critique of Ideology After 1989”, co-edited with Eva Birkenstock, Jens Kastner, Ruth Sonderegger  (Walther Koenig Books / Kunsthaus Bregenz 2013). He regularly publishes essays and critiques in international magazines such as Afterall (London), Texte zur Kunst (Berlin), Springerin (Vienna), Revista Tatuí (Recife).


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