Lina Persson

Animated ecology
Curated by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman
INCA: 2 West Roy St. Seattle, WA, 98110
Exhibition: 25 March – 16 April 2016
Opening: 25 March 7:30-9:30pm
Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 4-8pm



Lina Persson is an artist and teacher based in Stockholm, Sweden. Persson has a special interest in how science and mythology meet in the science fiction genre.  She investigates the struggle over the interpretation of the future, she traces geological transformations through human storytelling and connects technological ideology with the shaping of the planet. She is currently senior lecturer at the animation program at the Stockholm University of the Arts. Persson’s work has been shown internationally, including exhibitions at CAG (Connecticut),  0047 (Oslo), VM Gallery (Karachi), IASPIS (Stockholm), La Capella (Barcelona), Reykjavik Art Festival and United Nation Plaza (Berlin).

For her exhibition at INCA Persson has made a new body of work. In these works Persson explores how she can relate to her environment through her daily practices. She began the project by improvising lectures for various audiences: every time something new continues to take shape. The work exhibited at INCA takes the form of two film animations, a video loop, reference materials and a series of cell-paintings.


With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Stockholm University of the Arts.