Poets Publish Poets

Joshua Beckman (Wave Books), Patricia No (Publication Studio) and Travis A Sharp (Letter [r] Press)
Curated and organized by Kat Seidemann, in collaboration with INCA
2 West Roy St. Seattle, WA, 98110
Uptown (Lower Queen Anne)
Friday 12 February 2016

Poets Publishing Poets reading in dialog with the current OEI STRATA exhibition.

Jonas (J) Magnusson (OEI) reminds us of Ulises Carrión’s words ‘In old art, the writer wrote books. In new art, writers make books’ but there is more beyond that. All poets fall in love with words.

Words: the sound, the sight, the meaning, the feel of them in mouth and ear. Poetry: words strung together like pearls, clustered like grapes, celebratory as confetti, charged as eels. For some it is enough to read poetry, others feel compelled to write. Our featured poets have gone further… as Magnusson suggests of his work with OEI, these readers have set out to critically explore roles beyond Carrión’s old and new art—they chose to become archivists, researchers, curators, editors, publishers, yet they remain writers—still in love with words.



Joshua Beckman (Wave Books)
Joshua Beckman is a poet based in Seattle and Brooklyn. He is the editor of Wave Books.
Beckman’s books include Things Are Happening (1998), winner of the APR/Honickman First Book Award, Something I Expected to Be Different (2001), Your Time Has Come (2001), Shake (2006), and Take It (2009). He is currently working on a book for INCA Press.

Patricia No (Publication Studio)
No is a writer, publisher, and editor living in Portland, Oregon. She is co-founder of Publication Studio and is an editor at Weekday, an annual literary journal.

Travis A Sharp (Letter [r] Press)
Travis Sharp is a queer poet and book artist. He is a co-founding editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal / Letter [r] Press and is an editor at Essay Press. His poems and essays can be found in Columbia Poetry Review, LIT, Puerto del Sol, Entropy, and elsewhere.


Curated and organized by Kat Seidemann

Katherine “Kat” Seidemann is a Seattle poet, writer, and artist with an MFA from the University of Washington Bothell. In 2014, she founded aether inK, a literary curation project dedicated to multi-disciplinary exhibitions. Winner of the Marcia Barton Award for Poetry in 2008, Kat’s work has been published in the Licton Springs Review, Clamor and Rogue Agent. Her visual work has been shown at institutions such as Shift Gallery and Gallery 1412.

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