(Unfolding OEI #60-­61, #62, #63­-64, #66, #67­-68, #69­-70)
OEI: Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg
29 January – 13 February 2016
Curated by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman
2 West Roy St. Seattle, WA, 98110
Uptown (Lower Queen Anne)
Exhibition: 29 January – 13 February 2016
Opening: 29 January 7:30-9:30pm
Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 3-7pm


OEI is a Stockholm based magazine for extra-disciplinary spaces and de-disciplinizing moments, ­ experimental forms of thinking, montages between poetry, art, philosophy, film, and documents; editorial enunciations, aesthetic technologies, non-affirmative writing, and alternative historiographies. OEI was founded in 1999 and has published 70 issues. OEI editor was initiated in 2002 and has published some 80 books of investigative poetry,  aesthetic documents, artist’s books, theoretical and poetological texts etc. Connected to OEI is also since 2012 the micro-gallery OEI Colour Project. OEI is run by Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg.

For their exhibition at INCA Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg (OEI) will be focusing on six of the most recent issues of the magazine, as well as on the ways they have been conceptualising their editorial practices during the process of working with these issues of OEI during the last three years.

The issues are: OEI # 60-­61: Extra-disciplinary spaces; OEI # 62 On Paper; OEI # 63-­64 Strata, geologisk tid, jordkonst/Land art i Sverige; OEI # 66 Process/poem; OEI # 67­-68 icke-bekräftande skrivande / scrittura non assertiva; OEI # 69­-70 On Film.


With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.